Ciphidius Rote


Ciphidius Rote is the the Lord Governor of the Imperial Territory of [[Bast]]. Like a great many of the Empire’s Lord Governors, he is a man of great power, and little responsibility. Much of the daily work that goes in to overseeing a planetary government is handled by his aides and their staff.

Rote is not a particularly clever man, but what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in paranoia and determination. It was this combination of character traits that led him to pull the strings required to secure the services of [[Akadia]], an Imperial Psyker, to act as his aid and protect him from the imagined agents of his political rivals. When she did not uncover any grand plots to overthrow or assassinate him, he attempted to have her jailed and executed.

Rote takes a very active hand in the judicial system of his world, and condemns a great many of his citizens to life imprisonment, torture, or execution. He takes no pleasure in this, he’s not a sadist. He’s just convinced that the agents of chaos and aliens have him and his world in their sights, and is willing to go to great lengths to protect himself.

Ciphidius Rote

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