Born on an Imperial World to an Imperial Guardsman and his wife. Some time around her seventh birthday, her father was promoted, and transferred to an offworld post. Since this new posting was on what might be classified as a ‘luxury world’, he decided to take his family with him and settle there.

The trio boarded the transport ship “Shining Path”, and departed Mary’s birth-world for a 5 day journey to their new home. Fate had other plans, however. The ship suddenly fell out of the Warp on the third day out, and came under attack by an unknown enemy, presumably a xeno-race. Akadia’s parents both died in the initial attack, as did much of the crew and passengers. The navigator tried to make an emergency transit into the Warp to escape the attack, but failed. Both the Shining Path and her attacker were dragged back into the Warp.

For the next decade or so, Akadia’s life was a constant struggle for survival. Enough of the crew and passengers had survived to make a sort of life for themselves among the Shining Path’s 30 decks. A combination of grit and ingenuity allowed them to jury rig solutions together to provide air and food for survival, if not for comfort. Even so, life was hard, and Akadia is unlikely to ever forget the sensation of going to bed hungry almost every night.

One day, many years after the attack, Akadia was scrounging the under decks, looking for useful components for repairs. She was in an often unexplored section of ship, when there was a sudden shudder of Warp transition. The ship had dropped out of Warp. Suddenly, the compartment she was working in sprang to life, and a long unused escape pod flung her out into the black.

With no other choice, she activated the escape pod’s cryo-bin, and settled in for the long sleep. Her ship was eventually rescued, but she has no idea how much time has passed. The chrono unit on the pod was damaged somehow, it showed her relative time in the pod as -22 years. She also could not accurately remember the name of her homeworld, and no search for records of the Shining Path’s departure yielded any results.

Not long after her rescue by the crew of a Rouge Trader, Akadia found herself bound for Holy Terra on one of the infamous Black Ships. Rigorous medical testing after her rescue had revealed she possessed several psychic talents. Luckily for her, once on Terra she proved to be strong enough to earn herself a modicum of freedom, and a placement as an Imperial Psyker, an attache and aid to the Lord Governor of Bast, Ciphidius Rote. The Lord Governor was not a particularly intelligent or kind man, but he was extremely paranoid. He was convinced that his political enemies had hired psychic assassins to undermine him and steal his position, then execute him. He was wrong, but the pay and accommodations were good. At least, up until he came to the conclusion that she was an enemy spy…


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