Also called the “Nightmare Ship”, or the “Black Hulk”, the Zelbidion is a Space Hulk that has appeared around the Calixes sector for thousands of years. It is unknown what it’s original form may have been, and the origin of it’s name is long forgotten. Long centuries adrift in the Warp have seen it’s surface mingle with countless other derelicts. As many as a hundred ships may be attached to it’s bulk, some human, some alien.

Like many Space Hulks, the Zelbidion represents a veritable treasure trove of information and lost technology. However it’s titanic proportions and history of stealing those who explore it’s decks back into the Warp with it have given the ship an unusually sinister reputation.

With thousands of decks, it is unknown just what manner of hostile xenolife might make the Zelbidion it’s home. It is a fact that some sort of hostile creature lives aboard the ship… and that whatever it may be is powerful enough to kill fully armed and armored Space Marines.

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